Burial site BurialSite: Budapest-Bekasmegyer

Name Budapest-Bekasmegyer
Alternative name None
Location Budapest-Bekasmegyer (Ungarn (Mittelungarn) (Pest, Budapest))
Geographical coordinate reference system
Topography open plain
Exact location Yes
Latitude 47.601418
Longitude 19.021982
Excavation partly excavated
Distance to next settlement <500 m
Type of burial site flat grave cemetery
Total number of excvated graves None
Dating Bz A
Ha A1
Absolute dating None
Location of archaeological material and contact information
Reference Schreiber, R., A harangedények népe Budapesten (Die Glockenbecherkultur in Budapest)
Kalicz-Schreiber, R., Das spätbronzezeitliche Gräberfeld von Budapest, Ungarn
Burials BurialSite: Budapest-Bekasmegyer | Burial: 216
BurialSite: Budapest-Bekasmegyer | Burial: 14
BurialSite: Budapest-Bekasmegyer | Burial: 218