Burial BurialSite: Pobrežje | Burial: 36

Burial site BurialSite: Pobrežje
Burial number 36
Burial type cremation burial with urn and scattered burnt human bone with/ without pyre debris
  • cremation burial
Absolute age None
C14 dendro No
Secondary burial Unknown
Secondary burial text
Displaced Unknown
Displaced text
Extraordinary burial Unknown
Extraordinary burial text
Inhumation burial type
Bi ritual burial type
Burial Filling
Filling objects
Intentionally deposited Unknown
Filling None
  • - ID 91 BurialSite: Pobrežje | Burial: 36
  • Grave Goods
    Grave Goods
  • type: pin | material: bronze | amount: 1

  • Total amount 1
    Grave architecture
    Construction None
    Arrangement None
    Cover No
    Cover type None
    Grave pit form None
    Grave pit orientation None
    Length None
    Width None
    Diameter None
    Height 70
    Post holes
    Surface identification mark
    Other features